What is a Timing Belt? What are the Signs That its Worn?

Our service team at Metro Honda in Indian Trail tries to keep our consumers informed about their vehicles to keep them in good shape. A timing belt is an important part of your engine. If your timing belt goes bad, it could cause severe damage to the engine.

A timing belt keeps the camshaft and crankshaft in sync so that the cylinders fire correctly. It also helps the valves and pistons in the engine open at the right time. While timing belts are made for durability, they go through excessive strain because they keep a number of components in sync, which is why they need to be replaced at the first signs of wear.

It can be difficult to examine your timing belt because it is sealed to prevent contamination. However, you can look out for warning signs that can let you know it is worn. If the engine misfires, or if there is a clicking noise coming from under the hood, a worn timing belt could be to blame. Be sure to have it inspected immediately if you notice these signs.



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