Understanding the LATCH— What Goes Into A Car's Rating?

When driving, our staff at Metro Honda knows nothing is more important to parents than their child's safety. That's why it's paramount that we inform you of any given vehicle's LATCH rating. LATCH—short for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children—is a test performed by the IIHS, shorthand for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The examination is comprehensive and backed by tons of data, so we're confident using it to inform you about the best practices for child-seat installation.

The rating criteria are well-designed and digestible. First, the LATCH tackles how accessible the vehicle's lower anchors are. Anchors at a depth of around a quarter inch are considered optimal, but there is some give with this figure. Second, the examination looks for the attachment tools to feature actuation force under 40 pounds.

Lastly, the clearance angle is also considered by the LATCH exam. Fifty-four degrees is the gold standard here—it provides your child with a wide range of motion for comfort and accessibility without impacting safety.



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